European Society for the study of Human Evolution

The society promotes research into human biological and cultural evolution, by stimulating communication and cooperation between scientists, and raising public awareness and understanding. We host an annual meeting open to registered participants, and we publish the proceedings of these meetings as a series.

ESHE 2020 - The 10th Anniversary Conference goes Worldwide

We are very pleased to announce that this year we are going to hold a virtual meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of ESHE. The meeting will be held over two afternoons on Sept. 24 and 25, and it will emphasize live discussion of talks, Pecha Kucha and posters (with optional video or audio presentations) posted earlier that same week. While we will certainly miss the dynamics of an in person meeting, we are also excited to try something new. We hope that you will participate in this project and support ESHE this year by renewing your membership (the actual meeting is free). See our meetings page for more details.

Interested in participating in ESHE 2020?

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