European Society for the study of Human Evolution

The society promotes research into human biological and cultural evolution, by stimulating communication and cooperation between scientists, and raising public awareness and understanding. We host an annual meeting open to registered participants, and we publish the proceedings of these meetings as a series.

ESHE 2022 Meeting

The 2022 ESHE meeting is scheduled to be held in Tübingen. More information regarding the meeting will be posted here and on the meetings page in the next few months.

The ESHE 2021 Abstracts are now published in the new PaleoAnthropology issue. Please click here to view.

ESHE and Paleoanthropology Society join forces in PaleoAnthropology journal

Dear ESHE members,

I am very happy to announce that, after several months of discussion, ESHE has joined forces with the Paleoanthropology Society to jointly sponsor and edit the online journal PaleoAnthropology, as part of our commitment to Open Science.

There are no costs involved with publishing in PaleoAnthropology and all articles are open access, freely available to readers and authors. The journal has now been transferred to the Open Journal Systems (OJS), and is hosted on a new website at the University of Tübingen:

Please note that the site is still evolving. It will soon have the entire back-issue archive available and open for new manuscript submissions. We plan two issues per year, in fall and spring, with regular articles in each as well as the meeting abstracts for both societies (ESHE in fall and Paleoanthropology Society in spring). Our ESHE 2021 abstracts will become available through the new journal website in September.

Further information will be announced at our annual meeting. I look forward to seeing you all there and please consider PaleoAnthropology for submitting your best manuscripts!

All the best,

Katerina Harvati,

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