ESHE General Data Protection Regulation Statement

ESHE collects and retains only the minimal information necessary to manage our society efficiently and effectively. Thus we maintain a membership database with names, email addresses, affiliations, basic addresses, references names and email addresses, and membership status information for all individuals who have applied for membership to ESHE. We also keep a database of all information related to abstract submissions and meeting registration to help plan and organize our annual meetings. We keep a payments database to track which items have been paid for each year. Aside from recording that an item has been paid for, when it was paid for, and how much was paid, our database does not record or track any financial information related to the payment itself (e.g. credit card numbers, name of individual paying, etc.). Our database is maintained for ESHE use only and is not generally shared. Information related to meeting registration is provided to the relevant meeting host each year. Access to the ESHE database is limited to board officers and one administrative assistant hired by the society. Abstract and poster reviewers have access only to the limited information required for reviews (mainly abstracts, titles, authors, etc. and actual posters) in an individual year.

The ESHE web site does not use or allow third-party tracking, does not use cookies, and does not provide any user or tracking statistics to any other organization.

ESHE will retain all information collected indefinitely in order to retain the history of the society. Should an individual wish to be removed from our database, they need only contact us and all relevant records will be removed.

An individual can learn what information we have in our database about them using the form on our Contact page. Any errors in this information can be corrected by immediately contacting us through the email addresses also given on our Contact page.

Should ESHE learn that our database has been compromised in any way, we will notify our membership within 72 hours in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

This policy, which is intended to be compliant with the GDPR as we understand it, has been approved by the ESHE board.