ESHE 2022 Meeting

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ESHE 2022 Meeting

The 12th annual ESHE meeting will be held in person at the Neue Aula, University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany, on the 22nd - 24th of September 2022.

Preregistration and the public keynote lecture, as well as the opening reception will take place on September 21st. The excursion will take place on September 25th.

Following popular demand and taking into account the unique circumstances brought forth by the pandemic, the conference will also include an online component with a set number of presentations for presenters who are unable to attend the meeting.

ESHE members will be able to follow the ESHE 2022 conference presentations online and there will also be the option for presentations to be streamed live into the conference room in Tübingen during special online sessions. Members do not need to register for the meeting to receive access to the video stream, but you must have paid your membership dues for this year. Use our contact page if you are unsure if you have paid. Non-members who would also like to attend virtually must register and pay meeting fees to receive the access to the video stream.

Organizing Committee & Local Organizers: Sireen El Zaatari, Katerina Harvati, Andrew Kandel, Alexandros Karakostis, Nicole Webb, Monika Doll, Karin Kiessling, Nicholas Conard, Sibylle Wolf and Sonia Varandas, Institute of Archaeological Sciences and DFG Centre for Advanced Studies ‘Words, Bones, Genes, Tools’.

COVID 19 Regulations

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, ESHE 2022 will follow hygiene regulations in place at the time of the meeting.

In order to ensure as safe an event as possible, in-person participants will be kindly requested to wear medical masks during the indoor conference sessions, with the exception of presenting and during lunch / coffee breaks.

Abstract Submission –Deadline May 6th

Abstract submission is now open. and will close at Midnight (PST) on Friday, 6th of May.

Please make sure to register first and to follow the guidelines listed on the Abstracts page. Accepted presenters will be notified in June. As always, the conference will feature Podium, Pecha Kucha and Poster Presentations.

Information for Presenters

Podium Presentations

Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present and a strict 5-minute time limit at the end of each session for questions directed at the presenter. All Podium presentations will be given in person.

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Pecha Kucha presentations will be presented either online (with a limited number of presenters) or in person. Each Pecha Kucha presentation will be strictly limited to 6 minutes and 40 seconds and must contain exactly 20 slides (inclusive of title and acknowledgement slides). For more information on the Pecha Kucha format, please visit:

Poster Presentations

All posters must be in A0 Portrait format. Landscape format cannot be accepted due to space requirements. Presenters are expected to print and bring their poster with them to the meeting and display them before the first poster session. Presenters are responsible for hanging their own poster on the designated board. Presenters are responsible for removing their posters after their poster session. All poster sessions will be held in person.

Student Prizes for Best Pecha Kucha and Poster Presentations

ESHE is planning to award student prizes for Pecha Kucha and Poster presentations.

Student Travel Grants – Deadline June 4th

ESHE will offer a limited number of travel grants to students attending the 2022 ESHE meeting.


  • Applicants must be members of ESHE.
  • Applicants must be presenting either a Podium, Pecha Kucha or Poster presentation at the meeting.
  • How to apply:

  • First ensure that you have registered for the 2022 meeting and have submitted an abstract.
  • Send a letter of financial justification to by Saturday, 4th June. This letter must include:
  • Information on where you will be travelling from
  • A list of your anticipated expenses
  • Information on any other funds you already have at your disposal (i.e. grants, scholarships, stipends)
  • A short CV, maximum 1 page.


    ESHE 2022 will offer childcare in Tübingen to in person participants of the conference. Childcare will be undertaken by professional nannies with the Familienbüro of the University of Tübingen / the TÜFA-Tübingen-Familien-Büro.

    Interested members can select this option during the ESHE registration process which will require you to provide important information like the number of children in need of care and their respective ages.

    Venues and Excursion

    Public keynote lecture, September 21st, 18:00

    Public Lecture by Prof. Nicholas Conard, on :
    ‘The caves of the Swabian Jura and the evolution of figurative art, religion and music’.

    The lecture will take place in the Alte Aula (Center of Old Town, Tübingen), walking distance from all the hotels. The room can welcome up to 170 participants. Lecture will start at 18.00 pm and finish at 19.30 (including questions).

    Alte Aula, old city, Tübingen

    Preregistration, Opening reception, September 21st, 19:30:

    This event will take place at the Rittersaal of the Tübingen castle, offered by the Tübingen Museum (MUT). In case of fair weather, the reception can take place also outside in the Schlosshof.

    Rittersaal and Schlosshof, Tübingen Castle, old city Tübingen

    Conference sessions, September 22-24:

    Audimax, Neue Aula, University of Tübingen. The conference venue is located at walking distance from the old town of Tübingen and most of the hotels.

    Neue Aula, Tübingen Center

    Poster sessions, September 22-23:

    All poster sessions will be held in person at the Museum venue, located in the centre of Tübingen and 5-10 minutes’ walk from the Neue Aula. The space normally accommodates up to ca. 400 individuals, and there will be room for 50 poster walls to show 100 posters at a time.

    Museum, old city Tübingen

    Closing Dinner

    The closing dinner will take place at the medieval monastery Kloster Bebenhausen. Dinner will be served in the Sommerrefektorium, offering an impressive venue for a buffet dinner with sit down tables, for up to 100 people (€50 /person). Participants will have the possibility to visit the Kloster before dinner.

    Sommerrefektorium and Kloster, Bebenhausen


    ESHE Excursion, September 25

    Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura”

    Date: Sunday, 25 September 2022

    Departure: 8:30 am

    Estimated return: 6:00-7:00 pm

    Max. participants: 100

    Price per person: 40 €, includes transportation, warm lunch, beverages, snacks

    Bring: light walking shoes and (just in case) rain gear

    An hour’s drive east of Tübingen lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura.” This excursion is planned as a day trip to visit some of the caves of the Ach Valley and the village of Blaubeuren. We plan to visit two caves, Hohle Fels and Geißenklösterle, with presentations from Prof. Nicholas Conard, Dr Sibylle Wolf, and several researchers from Tübingen to highlight some of the important findings from this key region. In addition, participants will visit the Prehistory Museum (URMU) in Blaubeuren to see original art works, musical instruments and much more, with an introduction by Dr. Stefanie Kölbl. Participants can also take a self-guided walking tour of Blaubeuren to see the magnificent Artesian spring called the Blautopf, a Medieval cloister, and the picturesque half-timbered architecture of a traditional southern German village

    Practical Workshop “Introduction to Using the ROAD Database”

    Wed. 21 Sept. 2022 from 10:00–14:00

    Archaeological Sciences and Human Evolution, Rümelinstr. 23, Tübingen

    Andrew Kandel (archaeology), Zara Kanaeva (informatics), Christian Sommer (geography)

    In conjunction with ESHE’s 12th annual meeting, The Role of Culture in Early Expansions of Humans (ROCEEH) will sponsor a half-day practical workshop on getting started with ROCEEH’s Out of Africa Database (ROAD).

    ROAD stores data about archaeological, paleoanthropological, paleontological and paleobotanical localities in Africa and Eurasia dating between three million and 20,000 years. As a digital heritage resource, ROAD preserves our human past. It also serves as a tool to explore ideas and formulate hypotheses about human migration, which we can then test using advanced techniques such as modelling and machine learning.

    Participants of this introductory workshop will learn about the basic logical structure and semantics of ROAD. We will cover aspects of data entry, formulating queries and visualizing results with the Map Module. We will discuss useful features of ROAD, such as its online help function, links to other large databases, map catalogues, and associated tools. Finally, we will address case studies to show how you can use this large store of data for advanced geographical analyses.

    We welcome instructors, researchers and students from the social sciences, natural sciences, or geography. The language of instruction will be English. No fees to participate; bring your laptop; maximum of 30 participants; registration is required.

    To register, please complete a User Agreement: web/ and send it to

    Local and Travel Information

    Travel to Tübingen:

    By Train: As part of the ECO ESHE 2022 initiative, we encourage all attendees to consider environmentally friendly methods of travel, such as opting to take the train if possible. Tübingen is served by the Hauptbahnhof Tübingen rail station, which is well connected to the European Rail Network.

    By Air: Tübingen can also be reached via Stuttgart (STR) airport and a connecting bus ride (Airport Sprinter 828/X82) that takes approx. 1 hour.

    If your arrival or departure time falls outside the schedule of public transportation, please contact us and we can arrange group rides to and from Tübingen.

    For participants who must come by air, we encourage you to consider flying non-stop to reduce fuel usage and/or to purchase carbon offsets. Carbon offsets can often be purchased directly from airlines or by supporting projects directly. For examples of where to learn more about carbon offsets, see the following websites. Please note ESHE is not affiliated with any of the following organizations.

  • Atmosfair
  • My climate
  • Gold Standard


    The following hotels have offered discounted rates for those attending ESHE 2022

    Please make sure to indicate that you are participating in the ESHE conference.

  • Hotel IBIS : 120 € per night /Deadline to book : 23rd of June 2022
  • Hotel Krone : 119 € per night /Deadline to book : 1st of July 2022
  • Hotel am Schloß : 115 € per night /Deadline to book : 15th of July 2022
  • Hotel Domizil : 111 € Single Room - 125 € Double room per night /Deadline to book : 16th of June 2022
  • Hotel Meteora : 82 € per night /Deadline to book : 1st of July 2022
  • Hotel am Bad : 79 € Single Room -89 € Double room per night / Deadline to book : 1st of July 2022
  • Welcome Center : 55 € Single Room - 69 € Double room per night / Deadline to book : 21st of July 2022

    All offers are subject to availability.