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NeanderART2018 - Turin, Italy, 22-26 August 2018

NeanderART 2018

22-26 August 2018 – International Conference under the aegis of UISPP and the auspices of IFRAO

Is there palaeoart before modern humans?
Did Neanderthals or other early humans create ‘art’?

This International Conference is organized by Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica (CeSMAP), Pinerolo:
“Is there palaeoart before modern humans ? Did Neandertals or other early humans create ‘art’ ?”

The International Conference will be held at the Turin University, Campus “Luigi Einaudi”, Lungo Dora Siena, 100 A, 10153 Torino, Italy,7.6987539,16z?hl=en

From 22 to 26 August 2018

Academic sessions will be from 22 to 24 August 2018, followed by field trips to Neandertal sites on 25 and 26 August (Fumane Cave, Verona, Italy and Ciota Ciara Cave, Borgosesia, Italy).

The three sessions:
Session 1. Changes in environment and human adaptations.
Chairmen: José Luis Arsuaga, Hipolito Collado, Luiz Oosterbeek, David Frayer.
Session 2. Changes in the utilitarian and non-utilitarian productions in two million years of human history.
Chairmen: Henry de Lumley, Giacomo Giacobini, Clive Finlayson, Jean-Marie Le Tensorer.
Session 3. The dawn of art-like productions and behaviours.
Chairmen: Robert Bednarik, Marco Peresani, Marcel Otte, Mike Singleton.
 Sub-Session 3.a On colorful stones and animal bones: Human selection, collection and use of exceptional materials for tool making in the Palaeolithic.
Chairpersons: Ella Assaf, Francesca Romagnoli

Interested Researchers are encouraged to submit papers or posters by e-mail to:segreteria(at)

Paper and poster abstract submissions: papers and posters are invited on the topics and sessions listed above
Language: All submissions should be in English.
Registration and Acceptance: Authors will receive an immediate confirmation of successful online submission. If you do not receive an immediate confirmation of submission, do not assume it has been submitted. Please try again or contact segreteria(at) for assistance.

All presenting authors are required to submit a registration form, with conference fees paid.

Remember: Early registration (from now to April 30, 2018) will also save you money! NeanderART2018 does not have funds available to pay registration, travel expenses and stay for program participants.

President of the Scientific Committee: Henry de Lumley, Director of the Institute of Human Palaeontology in Paris.

Vice Presidents: Luiz Oosterbeek, Secretary General of the UISPP (The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences); Giacomo Giacobini, Director of the Human Anatomy Museum, Turin University; Robert Bednarik, Secretary General of the IFRAO (The International Federation of Rock Art Organizations).

Scientific Committee: Juan Luis Arsuaga, Director of the Museum of Human Evolution, Burgos, University of Madrid; Marta Arzarello, University of Ferrara; Hipolito Collado, Director of the Extremadura Archaeological Superintendency; Enrico Comba, University of Turin; Annie Echassoux, Laboratory of Prehistory – Lazaret-Nice; Clive Finlayson, Museum of Gibraltar Director; David Frayer, Kansas University; Jean-Marie Le Tensorer, University of Basel; Daniele Ormezzano, Museum of Natural Science, Turin; Marcel Otte, University of Liege; Marco Peresani, University of Ferrara; Dario Seglie, CeSMAP Director, IFRAO-UNESCO Liaison Officer; Andrea Serafino, DIGSPES – Piemonte Orientale University; Mike Singleton, Louvain University.

Media: Andrew Howley, National Geographic, Washington DC; Maurizio Menicucci, Rai-Tv, Turin.

Organizing Committee: Marco Civra, Mario Fina, Alice Freschi, Emanuela Genre, Cristina Menghini, Piero Ricchiardi, Roberto Seglie.