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3rd International Conference on the Solutrean | Universidade do Algarve, Faro

It is we great pleasure that we announce the 3rd International Conference on the Solutrean, which will be hosted at Universidade do Algarve (Faro, Southern Portugal) from 12th to 14th October 2017. This edition will be organized by the Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB) in cooperation with the University of Cologne and the Neanderthal Museum.

We invite researchers to submit podium presentations or posters presenting case studies, reviews or synthesis on the following topics. Abstracts should not exceed 300 Words and are to be submitted by the end of February 2017 at the conference website


- Economy and technology
Raw material studies
Typological and technological studies

- Chronology and stratigraphy
New chronometric data
Chrono-cultural models, data revision
Stratigraphic analysis (micromorphology, sedimentology, etc.)

- Solutrean neighbors
Contemporaneous LGM occupations in Europe, North Africa and beyond.

- Environment and land-use
Economy, site catchment
Paleoclimate modelling

- Rock art and mobile art
New findings
Rock art dating

- Papers in honor of L.G. Straus

For any question please contact through

See you in Faro.
Best regards,
The organization committee

João Cascalheira
Isabell Schmidt
Nuno Bicho
Gerd-Christian Weniger

2017 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS | The Rohlf Medal

The Rohlf Medal was established in 2006 by the family and friends of F. James Rohlf to mark his 70th birthday. He has been a longtime Stony Brook University faculty member and is currently Emeritus Distinguished Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, and Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology.

Recipients of the Rohlf Medal will be recognized for excellence in their body of work on the development of new morphometric methods or for their applications in the biomedical or biological sciences, including evolutionary biology, population biology, physical anthropology, developmental biology, neurobiology, computer sciences and medicine. The term ‘morphometrics’ is intended to include high-dimensional pattern analyses of biological shape, especially those that analyze shape in a comprehensive way, or of covariation of shape with other variables. The award can recognize advances in the mathematical or statistical theory underlying morphometric methods, new software that implements or visualizes new methods, or specific new biological findings that rely crucially on contemporary morphometric methods and represent major advances.

Candidates for the Rohlf Medal may be self-nominated or nominated by others. They must possess a Ph.D. degree or the equivalent.

The winning candidate must agree to attend the award ceremony in person in order to accept the Rohlf Medal and then deliver the award lecture.

Nomination packages should include,
(1) a description of the body of work (not to exceed two pages) on which the candidacy is based,
(2) reprints of no more than three relevant papers and/or software products,
(3) a curriculum vitae, and
(4) three letters of support.

Nominating packages should be uploaded to the Rohlf Medal website and received by 5 pm, EST, 15 July 2017 to be assured of full consideration.

The successful candidate will receive the Rohlf Medal and a cash prize at Stony Brook University, planned for October 24th, 2017. She or he will deliver a lecture that is appropriate for a broad audience, ranging from the exact sciences to the humanities, concerning the morphometric methodology, software, or findings for which the Rohlf Medal was awarded

Call for Abstracts – Culture Conference in Birmingham, UK | 26-27 May, 2017

There will be a two-day interdisciplinary conference at the University of Birmingham on the 25th and 26th of May 2017 on the topic:

“Innovation in cultural systems – an interdisciplinary meeting”

Sponsored by the ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop Grant:

Keynote speakers include

  • Biology: Prof. Kevin Laland, University of St Andrews, UK
  • Anthropology/Archaeology: Dr Valentine Roux, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris, France
  • Psychology: Dr Sarah Beck, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Philosophy: Prof Grant Ramsey, University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Economics: to be announced
  • The conference brings together researchers from all career levels from various disciplines, including (but not limited to) biology, psychology, anthropology, archaeology, animal behaviour, economics and philosophy. The conference will cover outstanding questions on the role of innovation for (cumulative) culture such as:

  • How can innovation be defined?
  • What is the role of innovation for cultural evolution in non-human and human species?
  • What do we know about processes of innovation on an individual level and on a group level?
  • How do the different fields experimentally test innovations in human and non-human animals?
  • What is the difference between non-human and human innovation?
  • Abstract submission for talks and posters as well as registration are now open (spaces are limited). To register, please email: with your name, position and affiliation.

    Registration: student fee £5 (with £20 deposit), regular fee £40. To register, please email: with your name, position and affiliation before the 1st April 2017. Please note that spaces will not be assigned on a first come, first serve basis as we want to ensure a fair mix of disciplines. You will receive an e-mail on 2nd April notifying you whether you were assigned a space at the conference. Only then will we ask you to make your payment.

    Abstract submission: Please submit a 250 word abstract to together with your name, position, affiliation, and preferred type of presentation (talk or poster) by 17th March. For more information please visit: Culture-Conference and follow us on Twitter for live updates: @cultconf

    Organisers: Elisa Bandini, 3rd year PhD student (Psychology) at University of Birmingham

    Eva Reindl, 4th year PhD student (Psychology) at University of Birmingham